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Monday, July 20, 2009

Naruto 454 Manga Spoiler

Confirm English script:

The Dialogue Part by Sho

In a steady procession, the 5 Kages depart for the conference grounds!
454: Entry of the 5 Kages!

Earth Shinobi: "Kurotsuchi, Akatsuchi, we're counting on you!"
"Tsuchikage-sama, go smash on those foreign leaders!"
Tsuchikage: "Getting to this conference is a hassle at my age. My back's killin' me; feels like I'm strapped to a ticking time bomb, but you young'uns wouldn't know anything 'bout what I have to go through!"
Tsuchikage-sama is a short old man

Kurotsuchi: "Then it's 'bout time you retire, right ya old fart? Don't go on dragging out your glory days."
Kurotsuchi's face looks like a mishmash of Anko and Sai

Akatsuchi: "Ahahaha! And I'll carry Tsuchikage-sama's baggage for him!"
Akatsuchi's body is huge and his face is like Anpanman's

Tsuchikage: "Leave it be! I don't want your help, Akatsuchi!"
He goes to carry the box like a backpack but then his back goes *crack*
Tsuchikage: "Aaaaaaugh, my back!"
Kurotsuchi: "What you gonna do? Gonna bring someone else along?"
Tsuchikage: "Fool, who the hell do you think I am?! This is Oonoki of Ryou-tenbin, the feared Tsuchikage you're talking about here!"
Akatsuchi picks up Tsuchikage's stuff without missing a beat

Water Shinobi: "We trust you with Mizukage-sama. Don't let her work you too hard."
Ao: "I got it."
Ao has an eyepatch over the right eye with clothes like Shizune, and chestnut-shaped hair
Mizukage: "Chourou-sama*, I will do a proper job going forward and representing the name of the Mizukage."
[*chourou means eldest or chief*]
*look at picture for description of Mizukage*

Water Shinobi: "As one of the Seven Shinobi-gatana, you must take care to protect Mizukage-sama."
Choujuurou (The 7 Mist Swordsman): "Ye...yes. It will...probably be...alright, I think."
*look at picture of Choujuurou for description*

Mizukage: "Be more confident. You're strong... that's why I chose you to be my escort to the conference, Choujuurou."
Choujuurou: "Ah-yes. I-I think I can give it my all...probably." (She's such a kind lady...)
Ao: "Just leave it at 'yes'! My heavens, what do you expect to accomplish with an attitude like that?! See, that's why I declare the kids these days need some good-old-fashioned *konki*[perserverance/tenacity] to whi-"

Mizukage: ("*Konki*?)[marriageable age]
Water Shinobi: "Ao, enough with the preaching already. If you don't hurry and get a move on, you'll be "late"!"
Mizukage: (Marriageable late?!)
Ao: "You'd be well advised to take your own advice. Why, back in our day we-"
The Mizukage goes by Ao and whispers in his ear:
"Shut up or I'll kill you."
Ao: (Uh...)
Mizukage: "Well, Choujuurou, Ao, it's time we set off."
Choujuurou: (I will protect the sweet Mizukage's smile!...if I can do something.")

Raikage: "Still no contact with Samui's platoon?"
Personal assistant(?): "Yes sir, though I do think it will only take a little while longer for some contact. Besides, Raikage-sama, Samui has been notified in advance of the route to the conference. Either way, a messenger bird should be coming since there's no contact during their trip."
Raikage: "AL-RIGHT we good now? It's time for me to make my way over there! Come on, Shii, Darui! Time to roll!"
Long story short: Shii's the white ninja, and Darui's the black ninja. "Shii" could be as in the letter "C". "Darui" is written in katakana but it could mean "sluggish, slow, heavy, etc."
Shii: "Hah!"
Darui: "Ossu"
Raikage: "Follow me!"
He goes out of his way to make a gaping hole in the room, in his rush to get out. (lol kinda like Shuuzou Matsuoka)
Personal assistant(?): "*Huff* Not again!"
Shii: "Let's go Darui"
Darui: "Uh no. Usually I leave through the you're tellin' me to go on ahead just so we can catch up to him.."
Choujuurou's katana aren't shown completely
However, even counting the two katana he carries, there's also a cord or something strapped to his body which has something like nunchuks attached


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