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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Naruto 457 Manga Spoiler

Naruto 457 Manga Spoiler and Predictions: Next in Naruto 457, Danzo is Tobi?

Naruto 457: Price of Admission

Naruto is hiding in the forest with Kakashi and yamoto looking at a stone and iron gate with two guards in full
armor talking to each other.
Kakashi: "Is there any way in that you can spot that is unguarded yamoto?"
Yamoto: "No. All entrances appear to be heavily guarded."
Kakashi: "Naruto?"
Naruto: "No. The defenses along the walls are heavily guarded as well. There is no easy way in.
Kakashi: "....."
Naruto: "I think we have no other choice. All the kages have arrived and the cloud ninjas are in there as well.
We must get in there before it is too late."
Kakashi: "Patience naruto. Im sure we will find a way in."
Yamoto: "I can't see any way in sempai without violence. We are running out of options."
Naruto: "I have had enough of waiting. The time to act is now!"
Kakashi: "Naruto. No!"
Naruto walks out of the forest and directly to the guards at the wall. The guards immediately draw their weapons
and look at naruto with angered expression.
Guard1: "Halt! Who goes there?! State your name and village!"
Guard2: "Raise the alarm immediately! Guards!"
Naruto: "Take it easy. I am here to speak to Raikage of the cloud village."
Bells begin to ring and the door opens to reveal more guards and Mifune. The guards on the walls above activate
crossbows aimed downward on naruto.
Mifune: "Access to this village is restricted during the Kages conference. Leave this place immediately."
Naruto looks determined with angered expression.
Naruto: "I can't do that. I am here to speak to Raikage."
Mifune looks a little angered and stares directly at naruto. The guards notice movement in the forest and some aim crossbows at the forest.

Sasuke and his group are watching the same entrance from high in the trees.
Sasuke: "Karin are you sure there is no way in."
Karin: "There are no birds in the area. The rest of the animals around here are likely to be noticed. I can't get any
intel on what is inside."
Suigetsu: "Why don't we just attack our way in. These guards are easily distracted right now by that boy down there."
Sasuke looks closer at the boy and starts to smile.
Sasuke: "Our best option is to wait now. A way will be opened for us to enter shortly."
Karin, Juugo, and Suigetsu stare at sasuke then stare at naruto.

Mifune now has an angry expression and naruto looks at him with the same expression.
Mifune: "You test my patience boy. Go home to your village and leave immediately."
Naruto: "I will not leave."
Mifune: "If you will not leave you will be arrested and locked in the prison. For the last time, leave now!"
Garaa suddenly pushes his way past the guards and right next to Mifune. Garaa looks over and is shocked to see naruto and naruto likewise shocked to see garaa. Garaa whispers something into mifune's ear and suddenly mifune goes from serious to horrified. Mifune starts to sweat as he looks at naruto.
Mifune: "It would appear I may have made a grave mistake. For the record what is your name boy?"
Naruto: "Naruto Uzuimaki"
The guards suddenly start looking at each other with shocked expression and murmuring to each other. Mifune looks at naruto with a sceptical look but still sweating.
Mifune: "Word of your battle with akatsuki and your defeat of the destroyer of konoha has reached even the people of this village. If you are whom you say you are than I have a challenge to prove whom you say you are."
Naruto: "Explain."
Mifune points to the side of the rock wall. Mifune is now smiling nervously while looking at naruto.
Mifune: "Rumors have claimed that in your battle with the destroyer of konoha that you used abilities that had not been seen since days of the sanin. If you are whom you say you are than show us a demonstration of your strength and endurance. If you are naruto, show us your true capabilities and punch that wall. No ninja techniques allowed. Just punch that wall."
Naruto: "If that will get me and my companions in then so be it."
Mifune: "Companions? Alright."
Naruto stands near the wall. He spreads his arms and naruto enters sage mode. Naruto slams his fist hard into the wall. Slowly it begins to shatter as naruto's arm passes into the wall causing not only a large hole in the wall but also causing the wall around it to violently crack to pieces as naruto moves back his hand. Kakashi, Yamoto, Mifune, Garaa, and Suigetsu are all shown with shocked expressions.
Naruto: "Is that enough or shall I make another hole?"
Mifune is now terrified and motions for the guards to depart immediately. The guards are stunned but then then they move asside. Naruto looks back through the forest to kakashi and yamoto.
Naruto: "Kakashi! Yamoto! Now we may come in."
Kakashi and Yamoto appear from out of the woods. Kakashi smiles at naruto.
Kakashi: "Nice work naruto."
Naruto, kakashi, and yamoto head into the village with mifune while the original guards standing at the door with one taking a glance occasionally at the hole in the wall.

Sasuke is watching the guards and looking at the hole in the wall.
Suigetsu: "Who the hell was that?!"
Karin: "From what I can tell of that conversation that was the one that defeated pain."
Sasuke: "Naruto."
Suigetsu, Karin, and Juugo look at sasuke.
Suigetsu: "If that was naruto, who were the other two ninja that came with them?"
Sasuke: "Kakashi and Yamoto."
Karin: "Kakashi the copy ninja?!"
Suigetsu: "You guys can gave naruto. I want my shot at kakashi."
Karin: "All that doesn't matter cause we still can't get in."
Sasuke: "No but we can use that to get some thing into the village to get intel."
Sasuke points at the hole in the wall and the others turn to stare at the hole in the wall.

Naruto, Garaa, and Kakashi are walking through a hallway with several doors on
Garaa: "That was quite a demonstration of skill there. You seem to have become a lot stronger since we last met."
Naruto: "It is nice to see you again to Garaa. What room is the Raikage in. I must speak to him immediately."
Kakashi: "You really should be more discrete and respectful naruto. The kages will not be as likely to take that kind of brovado lightly."
Naruto: "It was necessary and the only way to get in. At least no real violence was necessary."
Kakashi: "...."
There is a sound of crashing down the hall. Karui runs out a door followed by Omoi and Samui who slams the door shut. Karui looks down the hall and is shocked to see Naruto walking towards them.
Karui: "What the?! You! How did you heal so fast?! I could swear you would be in the hospital for a while after that."
Omoi: "Naruto? How did you get into here?"

Samui: "It is good that you are here. Raikage just gave us explicit orders to find you immediately. It seems your info was a lot more important than I anticipated. You better come with me immediately. It is time you met Raikage."
Samui opens the door and beckons for naruto to come in with her. Naruto follows her in to the room and she closes the door.
Kakashi: "Garaa if you do not mind I will wait out here until naruto is done with Raikage."
Garaa: "Ok. I will see you at the meeting later. It was nice meeting you and naruto again. Cya later kakashi."
Omoi and Karui are staring at kakashi with curious expressions as kakashi stands against the wall. Torune is shown standing down the way looking at kakashi with an nervous expression.
Torune thinking: "Danzo is not gonna be happy about this.

Next Episode: The Price of Redemption

by: Numinous

Naruto 457: Arrival at the Iron Country

(Danzou Scene)
(Danzou and his bodyguards are welcomed by Mifune, which has two samurai near him.)
Mifune: We’ve been waiting for you, Hokage… wait… (Two samurais quickly draw their katanas and point them to Danzou’s throat. Torune and Fu s hold the blades off their master’s throat.)
Danzou: What is the meaning of this?!
Mifune: Do you take me, Mifune, the leader of this country, as a fool? The current Hokage is Tsunada-sama, and I’m sure that Tsunade-sama you are not.
Danzou: So the news didn’t arrived yet? Akatsuki destroyed Konoha, and the Fifth Hokage failed on her duty and fainted. I am Danzou, the Sixth Hokage! (Danzou points to his Kage Hat. Mifune is shocked and gesticulates to the samurais to back off.)
Mifune: Oh my, Konoha… destroyed? Those are troublesome news you carry, but if the Akatsuki involvement is true, then it’s worse than predicted... please come in, the Kazekage and the Raikage already await inside.
Danzou: Don’t think this mischievous act will go through lightly.
Mifune: This country’s strength wasn’t built on trusting everyone. (Mifune and Danzou stare at each other, as the latter’s group passes the gates.)

(Sasuke Scene)
(Team Hawk is in the snowy forests, near the ridge.)
Juugo: It’s no use… no living thing passes through unnoticed.
White Zetsu: It was predictable. The Iron Country is flawless on its defences. I was almost spotted the last time I was there.
Sasuke: So we don’t have another choice… we must rush through them.
Suigetsu: Now that’s good news. These samurai will do my fix.
Sasuke: Remember, kill no one. The only worthy of dying is Danzou.
Suigetsu: Man, I want to have fun!
Karin: You heard Sasuke-kun, don’t do anything stupid, knucklehead!
Suigetsu: You just say that to annoy me, four-eyes!
Karin: Wh-what did you just called me?! (Karin punches Suigetsu’s head, Juugo facepalms, Sasuke and White Zetsu look up the ridge.)

(Naruto Scene)
(Naruto’s team is heading to the Iron country through the woods.)
Naruto: Achoooo! I think I got a cold!
Yamato: Naruto! I already told you to stay quite! We are supposed to enter with stealth!
Kakashi: Yamato, I don’t believe that will be possible. We’re not dealing with some minor country, the Iron Country is heavily guarded. To this date, no Hidden Village was capable of breaking in.
Naruto: Really?! So their shinobi must be off the charts!
Yamato: They don’t have shinobi.
Naruto: What?!
Kakashi: Their forces consist only by elite warriors, the samurai.
Naruto: Samurai…?!
Kakashi: Samurai are warriors trained on the way of the sword. They can’t perform any Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, but their sheer speed, great stamina and mastery of the blade make them rather deadly. They’re not a force to be underestimated just because they’re not Ninjas. (Naruto seems disturbed.)

(Sai Scene)
(Sai is at the gates with Mifune.)
Mifune: How disrespectful Konoha came to be! I already told you, only Kages and their bodyguards may pass these gates.
Sai: But I have an urgent matter to discuss with the Hokage!
Mifune: I said no! If you don’t mind telling what you want to discuss with the Hokage, I’ll tell him right away. If not, I’m sorry but the precepts must be obeyed. (The Cloud nin arrive.)
Omoi: Aren’t you that guy from before?!
Karui: Maybe he wants some beating, too!
Samui: Karui, that’s enough! (looks to Mifune) Sorry for the impertinence, but we need to talk to the Raikage.
Mifune: Like I was saying to this boy, only Kages and their personnel may enter. If you want to speak to him, do it after this Summit or tell me what you want to inform him.
Samui: I see. Thank you and forgive us for this mess. (she bows)
Karui: What?! After all this running, we still have to wait?! No fair!
Omoi: That’s what you get when you rush things.
Karui: You came too, smartass!
Omoi: That’s beside the point.

(Sasuke Scene)
(Team Hawk hides among the tree’s cups.)
Sasuke: Now! (The team jumps to ambush four samurai. Sasuke shows a Chidori Sword, while Suigetsu swings Zabuza’s sword, Juugo goes CS2 and White Zetsu uses his bare fists. Karin stays behind)
Samurai #1: What the…? (The samurai vanish, the ambushers land on the ridge)
Suigetsu: Hey, where did they go?
Sasuke: Watch out!
Samurai #2, #3 and #4: Yousen no Yottsu Katana!* (They appear from thin air, spinning and landing several cuts on their ambushers. Sasuke manages to avoid the strikes with his sword with the aid of Sharingan)
Samurai #1: Amateurs. (Suigetsu, Juugo and White Zetsu are lying on the floor, bleeding from their wounds.)
Karin: No! (Karin leaps from hiding and lands on the ridge.)

* War Dance of the Four Katana!

(Tobi and Dark Zetsu scene)
(Tobi and Dark Zetsu are in an hideout, the latter has his hands on his belly)
Dark Zetsu: Nii-chan! (spews some blood)
Tobi: What’s the matter?!
Dark Zetsu: It seems they’re being attacked.
Tobi: He’s still overconfident, the fool.

(Sasuke Scene)
Sasuke: (thinking) These guys are not ordinary warriors.
Samurai #2: You’re next! (He points a katana to Sasuke; Karin is near Juugo, trying to make him bite her)
Voice from behind: Let me have him!
Samurai #3: C-c-captain Daigoro**! (An warrior, even more heavily armoured than the rest, appears. He has a wolf theme going on)
Daigoro: You must be Sasuke, the one everybody is talking about.
Sasuke: And if I am?!
Daigoro: That means I’ll have a good fight for a change! (stretches his neck) Let’s see what are you made of, Uchiha Sasuke of Konoha! (Sasuke smirks)

** The reason why I included this Daigoro is to match Mifune. Toshiro Mifune played the role of the ronin Yojimbo in a 60's movie with the same name, and Daigoro was his sidekick.

(Naruto Scene)
(Naruto’s team arrives at a location where is possible to see the three wolves stone formation)
Yamato: We’re finally here.
Naruto: Wow, check that out!
Kakashi: Don’t get too excited, now is the difficult part.
Naruto: Don’t worry. It won’t be some samurai that will stop me!
Kakashi: That’s the spirit! (he smiles and rises his thumb)
Naruto: I have to talk to the Raikage. That’s the only way to clear Sasuke's name!

Next Chapter: The Power of the Bushido.


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